3D plot in R

Recently, I wanted to examine the relationship of multiple variables at the same time, and naturally I needed a 3D plot. I never made 3D plot in R. When I had a google search, I found many packages in R which can be used to make 3D plots. The top... Read more »
July 3, 2015

Does collinearity matter in statistical analyses?

Recently, I was analyzing the large-scale and, always, noisy biological data. Since there were many predictor variables which were correlated to each other to some degrees, I sank into the collinearity problem again. I had been dealing with the collinearity problem many times in my research. The most frequent tools... Read more »
July 2, 2015

Distribute Perl Modules to CPAN

I have used Perl in my research for 10 years, but I did not distribute my codes to CPAN at all, partially because distributing packages to CPAN needs extra effort other than simply uploading files there. Last week, I contributed one package Bio-CUA to CPAN. This is a package to... Read more »
May 18, 2015

First Post

First Post You can choose the theme, customize the toolbar and start earning from advertisement, both Euro (€) and Web Resources. Modify this post or create a new... Read more »
October 28, 2014