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  • MEGA: a comprehensive molecular evolutionary and population genetic software for biologists.[Download]
  • R: The best statistical analysis package.[Download]
  • Perl: the best script language for Bioinformatics.[Download]
  • Notepad+: a good free editor for windows users.[Download]
  • Putty: a shell interface from Windows to Linux.[Download]
  • WinSCP: a safe file transfer program between Windows and Linux.[Download]
  • Xming: a perfect free X-window system for Windows connecting Linux.[Download]


  • ASAPII: Alternative splicing database based on EST analysis [Access]

Courses and Tutorials

  • Hidden Markov Model (HMM): a good tutorial for beginers. [Access]

Useful Links

  1. Cheatography A website hosting thousands of cheat sheets. [Access]
  2. StackOverFlow A website to ask and answer programming-related questions. [Access]

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