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Welcome to my homepage.

I am a computational and evolutionary biologist. I love to solve a diverse range of biological problems regarding organismal phenotypes, particularly human disorders. I play with the techniques in statistics, computer science, and big data analysis to tackle the problems. Specifically, I have studied global gene regulation, genome evolution, and human diseases by analyzing all kinds of omics data. I am particularly interested in gene regulation because gene regulation has been recognized for its pivotal roles in shaping genome function and phenotypes, but the molecular mechnisms and the evolution of gene regulation remain poorly understood, especially at the systems level. Understanding gene regulation will be faciliating the tool development in many fields (e.g., agriculture, ecology, and health).

I have investigated the following gene regulatory systems that affect global gene expression: Nonesense-mediated mRNA Decay, Alternative Splicing, microRNA-mediated RNA Silencing, and Sex Chromosome Regulation. The following slides show the major findings from the research.


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